Friday, March 22, 2013

Simple Things
I have a friend that loves to capture hearts with her camera. I have learned to look for the simple things in life. You can take simple things and make them appear beautiful. How many people walked past this tiny tree and did not see the simple reminder of love.
Life get busy and fast paced. We all get caught up in work, the kids and the hustle of everyday life. I'm thankful that there are times I can just stop and capture the pure and simple joys of life. Thanks my friend for reminding me of slowing down. We may not always get to talk and be together as much but you have taught me more than you will ever know! So stop look! See things through your children and the simple wonder in their beautiful eyes. You may be surprised at what you are able to see in all of Gods wonder. Blessings


  1. I LOVE that you found this my friend!!!

  2. when my sister got so sick she came to qld for a visit we went to stay on the island were we grew up, we stayed at the bed and breakfast that wasn't there when we were kids it overlooked the front of the house that we helped our parents build during the 1973-74 floods in Brisbane, the b and b has a spar, we were sitting in it when a big storm came over i took out my camera and took a photo it wasn't until months later when i decided to use it as a profile picture that i noticed it had a heart shaped cloud in the left hand bottom corner, i am so proud of that photo its left all natural non of this Photoshopping for my photo's she like you has the same illnesses as you do, she is still very sick but struggles everyday not to give into her medical problems, you both inspire me thank you

  3. Totally.
    Have been so busy that i am not being able to see and appreciate things around.
    I will try to do the same, seek pleasure in simple things.:)