Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Here we are for another week of Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I had some difficulty with the prompts this week. So, here it goes. They are all SOOC because I am at my moms this holiday weekend and decided to put them on my blog here. It doesn't take near as long here. Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend. May we all remember our veterans.

1. Beneath Your Feet

These are my babies feet. I must admit I love their tiny feet and the sundresses blowing in the breeze. Nothing like soft grass under foot.

2. Capturing Movement

My card got corrupted and I couldn't pull my original movement picture up. So I went out at my moms and captured the flags flying in the breeze. As it is Memorial Day weekend this seems to fit better anyway!

3. Texture

4. Face Your Fears

I think my greatest fear in life is failing as a mother. I hope I never let them down. I hope in the years to come I supply them with the love of God and the self confidence they need to soar. And soar they should they are both not only beautiful on the outside but also inside as well (which is way more important).

5. Currently

I won't mention the book I'm currently reading for it is not one I would normally but there was so much talk. I just wanted to see if it was as good as they say.


  1. Love your texture and your fears shot. As to what you are reading, I'm guessing "Hunger Games".

  2. What a great post!! I love the cute feet and the flag!!

  3. Great set - love those little feet in the first shot.

  4. a beautiful set but my number one favorite are those cute little feet with the blowing dresses!!

    i would have guessed a different book, something "grayer"???

  5. All great shots!! I love the first and facing your fears the most. I love images of children. I wish I'd had my camera and some of the knowledge I have now when my kids were younger. Your girls are beautiful and I love those sweet dresses!
    I think every Mum's fear is failure in some way with their children.
    I have a prodigal son and when I have down days, I often think "What could I have done to avoid him doing this?" The reality is nothing... I have 3 others who love and adore me and continually tell me that I am an amazing Mum and how blessed they were to have me. Their Dad deserted us when they were all young... I couln't avoid that either. We do the very best we can, I believe. That's what God called us to do and when they are grown, their choices are their own. I am sure you do a wonderful job.