Thursday, May 17, 2012


Last Saturday our family took a short hike thru the woods to a waterfall I heard about from a friend. The girls had a blast walking thru the woods. That could not be said for me to a certain point. You see certain parts of the trail were pretty steep and others very close to the edge. I was right there ready to help or catch them if the fall. It is really good our God is like that also. If we get to close to that edge or stumble he is right there to help us if we need him. I find myself not always relying on him as I should. But I know he is there for me just like I was there for my girls. They wouldn't have needed to call out help me mom I would have just know. Thank God by the way they didn't need to call out to me! God Bless!

As you can see we made it safe and sound. On our little adventure together. I am thankful my girls have the love of nature that I do. Funny how they were more excited about all the rocks in the stream. It was fun to watch them stick them all in their pants to carry back home.

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