Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The other day while doing yard work I noticed my forsythia bush was split in the middle. When my hubby got home he helped me trim the forsythia bush. As we were getting ready to remove the limb we saw this nest. The mother robin needless to say was not very happy with us. I worried about the little eggs the rest of the evening because we unfortunately exposed the eggs from above. That momma bird continues to sit on the nest and watch out for her babies. I can not wait till they hatch and then am able to see them leave the nest. I must admit I feel this way about my own children at times. Especially on stressful days or when they are really not acting their best. And I hear that little voice saying pray for them. For as a mother there is no bigger gift or responsibility to your children then to pray and teach them the way. God bless.

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  1. What abeautiful image and such lovely words.
    There is no greater gift than to pray for our children... even when they have left the nest (my 4 children are all adults). And there is no greater responsibility than to teach them God's way. There is a promise in that. I am still praying and waiting for my prodigal to return to his family and to God